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Overgeared Manhwa
Alternative:템빨, Overgeared Manhwa
Author(s): Dong Wook Lee
Artist(s):Dong Wook Lee
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Manhwa


Shin Youngwoo is a unlucky and poor guy who is came in-debt to buy the gaming capsule needed to play the game Satisfy. He spent his day playing VRMMORPG game Satisfy.

Not only in real life but also in the game he is really unlucky. He play Satisfy as name, Grid. Since many players are living luxurious life by playing this game, He think so.

But he is really weak and unlucky in the game. But while clearing a quest of finding a book of Legendary Blacksmith Pagma he died a lot time and he got book and and got a legend class of Pagma’s Successor.

After that his life life totally changed and soon he become number one player of the korea and paid of his debts.

Oveargeared Manga Chapters

Oveargeared Wiki

Overgeared manhwa is a fantasy game which follow a poor and unlucky main character name Shin Youngwoo ask Grid.

He and his family is under debt of 400 Million dollars which he get by buying gaming capsule which he needed to play satisfy. His father work in a construction company and bear the all debt.

Yongwoo spent his whole day playing a VRMMORPG game called Satisfy. Satisfy is very popular and play a huge role in GDP of Korea and tons of player make great fortune by playing this game and he want to do so.

But he is unlucky not only in his real life but in game too. He play Satisfy as Grid. Not being able to pay his debt and being lazy and not able to make a cent in game made his image as useless son in the family.

While playing game he received a quest to find Legendary Blacksmith Pagma’s Rare book. While searching he died many times and pass through many hurdles and luckily discover the Northern End Cave and Pagma’s book.

After finding it rather than handling book he use book and changed his class and become a legendary class player, Pagma’s Successor.

He learnt blacksmith and create many epic, rare and legend weapons and arms and soon become most popular and strongest player of Korea.

Overgeared Characters

Shin Youngwoo:

Shin Youngwoo is a timid, flaky, selfish, person who only cares about money and easily feels jealous of others. But as his character developed he became more mature. His beginning personality is because of his insane debt.

In beginning he is shown as ‘Ugly’ which is because he only play game whole day and eat unhealthy food.

He don’t care about what he wear and what people think about him. After gaining legendary Black Smith class he not only become stronger and rich, He also become mature and payed attention to his appearance.

The character development is enjoyable of grid so i want spoil any more. If you want to know more then read manhwa. You will enjoy it.


Jishuka is also a Legendary Class holder but from other country. She is a Bow Saint-Legendary Archer also known as Goldy archer.

She is the one of highest rank and powerful users. Beside that she is the duke of Overgeared Country and one of the main pillars.

Jishuka is the master of Tzedakah Guild and one of the rankers of satisfy game. Her main weapon is a Bow. While scrolling store item list she found epic level arrows which is made by grid.

These arrows was something which even top blacksmiths of Satisfy weren’t able to make. And after seeing arrow she started to search the person who made this arrow. later she met grid in battlefield and grid told her he is the one who made this arrow.

She was amazed with not only with his smithy but also after seeing his power and recruit him in guild as blacksmith.


Is Overgeard an anime?

No, there isn’t any anime adaptation of overgeared manhwa.

Is Overgeared a webtoon?

No, Overgeared is not a webtoon. It’s a korean manhwa which is written and illustrate by Dong Wook Lee.

Does Grid have a girlfriend?

No, He don’t have any but in game he marry with the daughter of Overgeared kingdom’s King.

Is Grid the strongest player?

Yes he is currently the strongest person of Satisfy because of his Legendary class which let him make and use legend class weapon.